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Toyota Carina 1994

Toyota Carina 1994Toyota Carina 1994Toyota Carina 1994Toyota Carina 1994
Toyota Carina 1994Toyota Carina 1994Toyota Carina 1994Toyota Carina 1994
Toyota Carina 1994Toyota Carina 1994Toyota Carina 1994

Modifications produced from 1994 (august)

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# ModificationBody typePrice
DriveTransFuelDisplacement, litres Engine modelFrameComparsion list
1 SG Sedan 1334 FF MT G 1.55A-FEE-AT192-CEMNK Add
2 SG color package Sedan 1364 FF MT G 1.55A-FEE-AT192-CEMNK(C) Add
3 SG-i Sedan 1389 FF MT G 1.64A-FEE-AT190-CEMNK Add
4 SG-i color package Sedan 1419 FF MT G 1.64A-FEE-AT190-CEMNK(C) Add
5 SG Sedan 1427 FF AT G 1.55A-FEE-AT192-CEPNK Add
6 SG-i Sedan 1444 FF MT G 1.87A-FEE-AT191-CEMNK Add
7 SG color package Sedan 1457 FF AT G 1.55A-FEE-AT192-CEPNK(C) Add
8 SG Sedan 1472 FF MT D 2.02CKD-CT190-CEMNS Add
9 SG-i color package Sedan 1474 FF MT G 1.87A-FEE-AT191-CEMNK(C) Add
10 SX Sedan 1480 FF MT G 1.55A-FEE-AT192-CEMMK Add
11 SG color package Sedan 1482 FF MT D 2.02CKD-CT190-CEMNS(C) Add
12 SG-i Sedan 1497 FF AT G 1.64A-FEE-AT190-CEPNK Add
13 SG-i color package Sedan 1527 FF AT G 1.64A-FEE-AT190-CEPNK(C) Add
14 SX-i Sedan 1535 FF MT G 1.64A-FEE-AT190-CEMMK Add
15 SG Sedan 1547 FF AT D 2.02CKD-CT190-CEPNS Add
16 SG-i Sedan 1552 FF AT G 1.87A-FEE-AT191-CEPNK Add
17 SG color package Sedan 1557 FF AT D 2.02CKD-CT190-CEPNS(C) Add
18 SX Sedan 1573 FF AT G 1.55A-FEE-AT192-CEPMK Add
19 SG-i color package Sedan 1582 FF AT G 1.87A-FEE-AT191-CEPNK(C) Add
20 SX-i Sedan 1590 FF MT G 1.87A-FEE-AT191-CEMMK Add
21 SX-i Sedan 1643 FF AT G 1.64A-FEE-AT190-CEPMK Add
22 S limited Sedan 1671 FF MT G 1.87A-FEE-AT191-CEMSK Add
23 SX-i Sedan 1698 FF AT G 1.87A-FEE-AT191-CEPMK Add
24 SX-i SC package Sedan 1716 FF MT G 1.64A-FEE-AT190-CEMMK(S) Add
25 SG Sedan 1737 4WD MT D 2.02CKD-CT195-CEMNS Add
26 SG Sedan 1740 4WD MT G 2.03S-FEE-ST195-CEMNK Add
27 SG color package Sedan 1747 4WD MT D 2.02CKD-CT195-CEMNS(C) Add
28 SG color package Sedan 1750 4WD MT G 2.03S-FEE-ST195-CEMNK(C) Add
29 SX-i SC package Sedan 1771 FF MT G 1.87A-FEE-AT191-CEMMK(S) Add
30 SE Sedan 1773 FF MT D 2.02CKD-CT190-CEMES Add
31 S limited Sedan 1779 FF AT G 1.87A-FEE-AT191-CEPSK Add
32 SX-i SC package Sedan 1824 FF AT G 1.64A-FEE-AT190-CEPMK(S) Add
33 SG Sedan 1839 4WD AT G 2.03S-FEE-ST195-CEPNK Add
34 SE Sedan 1848 FF AT D 2.02CKD-CT190-CEPES Add
35 SG color package Sedan 1849 4WD AT G 2.03S-FEE-ST195-CEPNK(C) Add
36 SX-i SC package Sedan 1879 FF AT G 1.87A-FEE-AT191-CEPMK(S) Add
37 SX Sedan 1884 4WD MT G 2.03S-FEE-ST195-CEMMK Add
38 SE extra Sedan 1926 FF AT G 1.87A-FEE-AT191-CEPGK Add
39 SE SC package Sedan 1954 FF MT D 2.02CKD-CT190-CEMES(S) Add
40 SX Sedan 1983 4WD AT G 2.03S-FEE-ST195-CEPMK Add
41 SE SC package Sedan 2029 FF AT D 2.02CKD-CT190-CEPES(S) Add
42 SE Sedan 2034 4WD MT D 2.02CKD-CT195-CEMES Add
43 SE Sedan 2037 4WD MT G 2.03S-FEE-ST195-CEMEK Add
44 SE extra SC package Sedan 2086 FF AT G 1.87A-FEE-AT191-CEPGK(S) Add
45 SE Sedan 2136 4WD AT G 2.03S-FEE-ST195-CEPEK Add
46 SE SC package Sedan 2215 4WD MT D 2.02CKD-CT195-CEMES(S) Add
47 SE SC package Sedan 2218 4WD MT G 2.03S-FEE-ST195-CEMEK(S) Add
48 SE SC package Sedan 2317 4WD AT G 2.03S-FEE-ST195-CEPEK(S) Add
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